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ED Studio is a London based facility dedicated to providing designers and brands with the resources and skills necessary to streamline their sample to production process. We offer the  convenience that come hand in hand with local manufacturing, including specialised customer service to fit your company’s needs.

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The ED Studio provides the highest quality services possible and we are always looking for more designers, brands and companies to work with.

Every project starts with a creative idea

Our London studio is equipped to handle production runs.
Our production service include a full cut, make and trim process - we do everything to make pieces exact replicas of your samples.
The production price is usually based on a percentage from a sample price, if your patterns and samples were created by us, we will give you a production quote and time estimate right away.
For our clients - a successful outcome. Our studio offers high quality, individual approach, and professionalism of our masters.

Our pattern cutting team works from your patterns, technical specifications, illustrations, photographs, or patterns we make for you. We can provide one-on-one consultations on how to choose suitable fabric and which finishing would be most suitable for your designs. You will be able to review mockups at any stage during the making process. Once you have the patterns, mockup, and all the fabrics and trimmings ready, we can produce a high-quality sample for you. In most instances, we will create two samples for you to review – a mockup and then a true fabric sample. Our production team follows detailed spec sheets refined during sampling. We are particularly experienced in high-end quality finishings required for luxury brand clients.

Our creative studio has many awards to be proud of

Organizations specializing in fashion and textiles have bestowed professional awards upon our factory for outstanding work, technical mastery, and contributions to the industry.

Prizes and Competitions

Various international and national awards and competitions in fashion and sewing exist where we have competed for recognition for our creative achievements.

Certificates and Diplomas

We have received certificates and diplomas from educational institutions where we have undergone training and professional courses, serving as recognition of our efforts and skills.

Participation in Fashion Shows and Exhibitions

Showcasing our work at exhibitions and fashion shows has earned us respect and recognition from colleagues and the public.
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